Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing targets portable devices such as smartphones and tablets to promote products and services. With over 6.6 billion smartphone users estimated in 2022, mobile marketing is one of the most effective ways to sell products and services digitally.

          Mobile marketing uses text messages (SMS), Multimedia messaging, In application advertisements, and mobile websites. The users’ demography, location and behavior are factors to choose the appropriate approaches for the advertisements.

          Mobile marketing needs to focus on users’ interest and behavior to produce contents of ads. If you search for a particular issue on a search engine applications, games and websites the pattern of the advertisements design to follow your interest.

          The benefit of mobile marketing over other digital marketing is that it targets devices that users simply carry with them anytime and anywhere. Mobile marketing is often concerned with user privacy discretion while collecting their behavioural information.

          If we cleared somehow the meaning, pros, and cones of mobile marketing let us mention some of its types:

  1. SMS MMS marketing – acquires the user’s phone numbers to send them text messages and multimedia messages
  2. Location-based marketing – Advertisements appear based on the users’ location.
  3. Application-based marketing – uses applications that the users’ installed on their smartphones to display advertisements
  4. In-game marketing – this is the same as application-based marketing, but in game apps the advertisements that pop up take up a small fraction of the screen not affecting the game player’s playing experience.

To set up mobile marketing for your business you should take the following steps

1, create a mobile website

When you develop a website, make sure that the website also has a mobile site. This is important because most users access your website from mobile devices. And make sure that your website is filled with content that users might search for and that it is SEO optimized. The website should offer outstanding customer service and the contents also mobile-friendly.

2, Use analytical metrics

You should be able to have an analytical measurement system to evaluate the behaviour, demography and location of your traffic to create eye-catching mobile promotions and advertisements based on your audience.

3, Register your business on Google my business

This platform from Google helps you to register your business located on a local map and make it easier for both desktop and mobile users to find you. This will bring improvement to your search engine traffic.

4, create nice pop-up ads

Your pop-up ads are visible across every mobile site. They appear on mobile sites, applications and social media. You should create pop-up ads with pictures, good copy, and good graphic design.

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