About us

Established in 2008, WAFA is a premier marketing and business promotion firm launched with a core objective of delivering reliable and up-to-date services in investment promotion and investors relations, brand development, organizing local events, and advertisement production. These services, on which the company acquired expertise, have been provide to the public and the private sectors as well as civil society organizations C905).

How Can We Help You?

Our hallmark in organizing  grand international business and investment forums: organized 16 forums in 10 countries  (5 times in USA, 2 times in UK and Canada and once in Italy, India, Japan, Russia, South Korea, Germany, and Turkey).

Organizing Business to Bussiness (B-2-B) and Bussiness to Government (B-2-G) meetings and networking platforms. 
Serve as a bridge between the investors and the investment institutions, assists investors in providing with pre and post-investment approval services;

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Our Human and Technical Support

WAFA Marketing and Promotion is established in a solid foundation with full potential of human expertise and technical equipment to carry out its activities successfully. Besides its current in house institutional capacity. WAFA persistently updates itself in all aspects in tandem with the origin dynamism of the business Industry. In addition our studios are equipped with latest technology, high speed the machines, trained manpower, sophisticated video cameras and its accessories, latest editing software, digital audio mixer and recording machines, WAFA team comprises of skill investment and business professionals, journalists, script writers, graphic designers, camera crew, video editors, film directors and production managers.

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