evolution of marketing

Evolution of marketing

Evolution of marketing

Everything evolves as we humans start changing the ways we are living and marketing is no exception. Trade has been between human beings since our existence. The marketing trends have been changing as the trading system changed. We will discuss the different major eras of marketing.

1.   Simple trade era (the 1400s-1700s)

In this era traders from around a country and some traders from foreign soil gather up in a town and city specifically established for trade. Traders also move on trade routes around continents to trade products. Brandings were present on animals (marking the animals), and blacksmiths in the Roman Empire used distinctive marks on their swords for trademark purposes.

2.  Production era (the 1800s-1920s)

This era was born because of industrialization. Because of industrialization production was made in mass quantities. This era was also known as “if you build it, they’ll come”. Producing more was the marketing strategy. Only a few brands succeeded because there were few alternatives available. Ford Motor Company, Coca Cola and Pepsi were the companies in the spotlight.

3. Sales era (the 1920s-1940s)

In this era advertisements through media such as print, radio and television were widely used. Door-to-door sales also became extremely popular, and companies invested in high assets. This era marked the beginning of modern marketing. This era came because there were more competitions that companies needed to stand elevated.

  4. Marketing department era (the 1940s-1960s)

This era came after the economic boom after world war I. Companies now have a marketing department that included advertisement, sponsorships, sales, promotion, and public relations in a single department. It was around this era that companies started producing products based on the customer’s needs. Companies then started promotions that emphasized why customers need their product.

5. Relationship marketing era (the 1990s-2010s)

The famous “customer is king” was put to action in this era. Businesses focused on customer care, customer relationship, and customer service as a marketing strategy. With rapid technological advancements, customers get information about a product.

6. Social and mobile marketing era (Digital Marketing era)(2010-present)

With the rise of advertisements, free streaming platforms such as Netflix and Disney+, commercials are becoming more and more aligned with these platform. Now companies turn their face to digital marketing using social media, blogs, and mobile devices as their top marketing strategy.

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