Premier Waves off undue intervention

Prime minister Abiy Ahmed (Phd) has called up on the international community to standby until the ‘government of Ethiopia submits its request for assistance to the community of nations’.

In a statement issued today the premier urged the international community to refrain from intervening in the internal affairs of the country and handle the matter as per rules of international law.

The statement also noted that the target of the law enforcement operations; TPLF has been wreaking havoc and working to destabilize the nation for the past three years.

Accordingly, the premier stressed the need to secure law and order stating “as a sovereign state Ethiopia has every right to uphold and enforce its laws within its territory. And that is exactly what we are doing”.

He then expressed his appreciation all concerns and advices provided by friends of the nation while rejecting any interference in the county’s internal affair as well as urging the international community to respect the fundamental principles of non-intervention under international law.

Nov 25th, 2020

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