Ethiopia to launch superior, lighter second satellite

Ethiopian Space Science and Technology Institute has reportedly completed the construction of the second space satellite of the country.
The satellite that is expected to be launched within the first four months of the coming Ethiopian new year is said to be more technologically equipped lighter in weight and wider in area of space to be covered.
The satellite named ET SMART RSS is to focus on drought like the first satellite but in more extensive detail.
ET SMART RSS weights 12kgs and is expected to send data that could not obtained from the first satellite.
According to Walta, Ethiopia has gathered information worth of 3 million birr from the satellite that it has previously launched and plans to launch 10 new stabilities in the next 15 years.

24th Aug 2020

Premier applauds GERD Leadership, Board Members and Workers

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed(Phd) has expressed gratitude to leadership, board members and workers engaged in the construction of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) for progress achieved in the project.

GERD project manager, Kifle Hora provided a status update on progress of the dam construction works to the Prime Minister and board members this morning.

On the occasion, the Premier stressed that the Leadership, board members and workers involved in the construction process have marked critical milestones and progress in GERD Project.

According to FBC, Prime Minister Abiy further encouraged the project leaders, board members, project personnel and citizens to prepare themselves to work towards achieving the next critical milestone.

Ethiopia has so far disbursed 120 Million Birr for the construction the Grand Renaissance Dam

20th Aug 2020

Former Attorney General Takes over the Administration of Addis Ababa

Adanech Abebie, the former attorney general, has been sworn in as a deputy mayor of Addis Abeba, replacing Takele Uma. The former deputy mayor Takele has in turn been appointed to the post of the minister of Mines & Petroleum among several other appointments made yesterday.

A former head of the Oromia Transport Bureau, Takele was appointed to serve as Addis Abeba’s deputy mayor, replacing Diriba Kuma two years ago.
His replacement Adanech had previously been head of the then OPDO secretariat and Mayor of Adama.
Yesterday also saw the appointments of Kenea Yadeta (PhD) as minister of Defense, and Samuel Urkato (PhD), as the minister of Science & Higher Education, as well as Nigussu Tilahun, as commissioner of the Jobs Creation Commission, while Yohannes Buayalew was named as the new director of the Institute of Strategic Affairs (ISS). The story is from Addis Fortune.

19th Aug 2020

The Ethiopian Communication Authority (ECA) plans to grant two licenses for international telecom firms by end of this year

In accordance with the national telecom liberalization reform program the authority is to float an international tender that would enable it to select two international telecom firms which will operate in Ethiopia by September.

The authority invited international telecom firms to submit expression of interest which are interested in operating in Ethiopia. Accordingly, 12 telecom companies presented their expression of interest.

Three major telecom operators – Vodafone, Vodacom and Safaricom – created a consortium dubbed Global Partnership for Ethiopia that would bid to win a license in Ethiopia is among the list of companies that submitted expression of interest.

ECA is reportedly preparing the bid document which will be finalized within a week.

The International Finance Corporation (IFC), the World Bank investment arm, is consulting ECA on the liberalization process. The story is from the Ethiopian reporter.

17th Aug 2020


UN asserts that the Ethiopian government maybe in need of an additional 1-billion-dollar support to withhold against the economic effects of Covid19

A report issued by the UN stated that Ethiopia faces major economic turmoil owing to the spread of Covid19, civil conflicts, as well as the invasion of desert locust.
According to the report the pandemic coupled with other national and sub-regional headaches threatens food security in the country.
The report further warns that; the effects of the economic turmoil may extend to the export trade of the country predicting a 25 to 30pc decline.
The value of Ethiopian birr is also projected to decline by 16pc whereas inflation on food items might sore up as high as 40pc.
UN also projects the loss of up to 2.4 million jobs in the country, while asserting that the effects of the economic shock may be felt for as long as 2021 especially in the tourism sector.
The UN thus asserted that the 4-billion-dollar support requested by the Ethiopian government might not be enough to fight off all of such economic hurdles, stating that it intends to extend this bid to its development partners.


The story is from the Ethiopian reporter.      13th Aug 2020