Addis Ababa Bows Head to Security Forces

In an event organized by Wafa Marketing and Promotion, Addis Ababa city administration extended recognition and gratitude to security forces for the services they provided in safeguarding peace and stability in the city.

During the ceremony held at Unity Park, deputy mayor of Addis Ababa Adanech Abebe thanked the security forces for carrying out their duties putting their lives and their families’ wellbeing at risk.

The recognition was mainly given for the recent peaceful celebrations of Ethiopian New Year and Ireecha celebrations.The administration also provided its gratitude to the forces for combating security threats even before they materialized.

“The evil wishes of those who have worked to wreak havoc on September 25 and 30 has once again failed miserably owing to our wise population and your relentless efforts, for that we thank you” the deputy mayor asserted.

The ceremony where media houses and religious leaders also received bows of gratitude was attended by Tagese Chafo, Spokesman of the house of people’s representatives, Adam Farah, Spokesman of house of federation, Shemilse Abdisa President of Oromiya Regional State as well as several other higher government officials.

12th Oct 2020

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