Investment Promotion & Investor Relation

As part of its vision to promote Ethiopia’s Investment potential and opportunities and to support the envisioned steady, fast paced growth of the economy, WAFA marketing and Promotion in partnership with Ministry of Foreign Affairs and its diplomatic missions has organized a series of Investment Forums in United States of America (twice), United Kingdom, India, and Italy.    

The overall objective of this program is to promote business opportunities and potentials in different sectors of Ethiopia, attract Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in different sectors and particularly in leather and leather products, textile, horticulture, Hotel /Tourism, Chemical/Pharmaceutical, Metal/ Engineering, and Agriculture/Agro Processing.

Our company also facilitates all pre investment requirements for foreign investors such as processing investment license, feasibility studies, office services and support its team on any other administrative issues.  

Local and International Event

Since its establishment, WAFA organized and coordinated local and international fairs, exhibitions and forums. Some of the major events that it was involved in include the 5th International Conference on Federalism on which it collected huge amount of funds by soliciting sponsors, The School Festival (which was an open aired event at Mesqel Square and which showcased and involved different schools, teachers and students in the Addis Ababa) and the Pan African Postal Union conference held in Addis Ababa on July 2012.  The main activities of this department include: -

  • Consulting with customers to determine objectives and requirements for events such as meetings, conferences, exhibitions and ceremonies.
  • Meeting with sponsors and organizing committees to plan scope and format of events, to establish and monitor budgets, or to review administrative procedures and event progress.
  • Coordinating services for events, such as accommodation and transportation for participants, facilities, displays, special needs requirements, printing and event security.
  • Promoting conference, convention and trades show services by performing tasks such as meeting with professional and trade associations, and producing brochures and other publications, producing advertisements and etc.
  • Monitoring event activities to ensure compliance with applicable regulations and laws, satisfaction of participants, and resolution of any problems that arise.
  • Conducting post-event evaluations to determine how future events could be improved.


To understand branding, it is important to know what brands are. A brand is the idea or image of a specific product or service that consumers connect with, by identifying the name, logo, slogan, or design of the company who owns the idea or image. Branding is when that idea or image is marketed so that it is recognizable by more and more people, and identified with a certain service or product when there are many other companies offering the same service or product. WAFA Advertising professionals work on branding activities, which, not only build brand recognition, but also build good reputations and a set of standards to which the client company should strive to maintain or surpass.

The main activities of this department are: -

  • Plan, strategies and execute marketing designs and activities to establish and maintain brand presence in the market;
  • Define brand strategies and road maps, Research and determine brand weaknesses and areas to be modified, Develop effective brand positioning in the market Coordinate activities of specialists involved in the brand positioning and undertake package development strategies.
  • Develop sales tools and collaterals, Brief and train sales personnel, Conduct competitive strategic analysis, consumer segmentation, and consumer insight development,
  • Develop periodic plans and financial analyses.

Launch and oversee advertising and media planning

One of the most prominent work of WAFA in this section is the one, which it is doing for Ethio Telecom, (the late Ethiopian Telecommunications Corporation) that is being re branded.

WAFA was one of the winners of the Rebranding bid and is now a brand and advertising agency for Ethio Telecom (after more than six months of thorough bid evaluation). The company is now working on various projects for the Ethio Telecom, which includes radio advertisements, and IVR (Interactive Voice Response) production.

Another big branding work that WAFA has undertaken was for the Addis Ababa 125th Anniversary. This involved designing advertisements to promote the event and the city.

WAFA is also currently undertaking a major branding activity for Messebo Cement. This includes the development of Brand guidelines and the production of all collaterals. Actually this is a multifaceted program that also involves documentary production, organizing different events, designing and producing gift articles and etc. For example, WAFA organized a Product Launch event (Portland Limestone Cement) at Hilton Addis Ababa and Brand Launch event at Harmony Hotel for Messebo.
Other Companies for whom Wafa under took branding campaigns including Habesha Breweries and Bahir Dar Textiles.

Production (TV and Radio – Documentary, Drama, Advert, Graphics & Print)

Media production has become a hugely important and dynamic area because of the increasing use of digital mediums in any field of work. In line with this WAFA is equipped with the latest editing machines, cameras, sound recording studio and mixer and has acquired talented media production staff with a whole new set of skills.
WAFA did a lot of Television and Radio Commercials, Graphics Design, Documentary production and graphic design and printing work (such as Magazines) for different governmental and non-governmental institutions, higher education institutions, hospitals, exporters, health institutions and etc since its establishment. Furthermore it has produced and is producing various documentaries that address the different local and international events that it has organized.
One major work in the field of Documentary production undertaken by WAFA is entitled “Ethiopia an ideal place for Investment” and this is a 15-minute documentary produced for Ethio-UK Trade, Investment and Tourism forum organized by WAFA on 2011. The main aim of this documentary was to introduce and promote Ethiopia to foreign investors and to give an initial insight about different opportunities of investment in agriculture, construction, mining, energy, tourism and the many other fields.
The other major work, which was undertaken by WAFA in this area, is a documentary commissioned by Ethiopian Human Right Commission, which aimed at stopping female genital mutilation. This 25 minutes production includes panel discussion with officials and previous documentations on Female Genital Mutilations.

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